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Core Builders

High efficiency core assembly : BOS Series Core Builders

COMCO BOS Series standard and custom engineered Core Builders and Assembly Systems can provide manual, semi-automated and highly automated assembly of all heat exchangers types and other products made from light gauge components.


BOS-A series Matrix Core Builders

  • Fin Mill Integrated Core Builders for direct fin insertion
  • Output : Max 100 cores/hour
  • Automated lamination of fins and tubes fin-tube matrix build
  • Tray, Magazine and Bulk-Hopper type Automated Tube Loading Systems
  • Assembly cycle time reduction features

BOS-S Series and D Series for medium volume operation

  • Output : Max 60~80 cores/hour
  • Stand alone type core builder
  • Automatic tube dispensation
  • Tray, Magazine and Bulk-Hopper type Automated Tube Loading Systems

BOS-M series for small volume production

  • Operator based assembly
  • Output : Max 40 cores/hour
  • Stand alone type core builder
  • Fin & tube supply by operator
  • Servo driven core compression & header insertion

Custom Machines and Systems

  • Tact time efficiencies through semi and fully automated assembly
  • System Integration with existing equipment and machines

Sophisticated design with full of fool proof (Pokayoke) function

Fully servo control with fine tuned tooling

Other COMCO Assembly Systems

Automobile Reclining Seats: Shock Absorbers

  • Plugs:Transmissions
  • Door Motors:Filters
  • Fuel Tanks:Compressors
  • Carburetors:Other

Semi automatic machines are also available for labor intensive production

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