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Wire Tying Machines

Streamlines of the furnace brazing process : WOS Wire Tying machines

COMCO WOS Wire Tying machines eliminate the use of brazing jigs for brazed heat exchangers. Process cost reductions include:

  • Braze jig cost elimination
  • Furnace throughput increase
  • Furnace energy reduction
  • Improved braze quality

Full Automatic: WOS-A series

  • Fully automated wire winding
  • Single or multiple simultaneous wire application
  • Numerical wire tension and core compression control

Semi Automatic: WOS-S series

  • Semi automatic wire tying
  • Numerical wire tension and core compression control

Optional Features

  • Servomotor controlled core compression
  • Load Cell core compression force measurement and display
  • Automated wire position-to-position indexing
  • Cycle time control of process cycles
  • Custom features by request

Wire tying position is programable

Multiple wire tying head for better output

Benefits of Wire Tying for Brazing

  • Wire elastic properties reduce compression buckling of fins during brazing
  • Elimination of model specific brazing jigs
  • Elimination of brazing jigs storage areas frees plant floor space
  • Elimination of brazing jigs maintenance labor and costs
  • Reduced furnace energy cost
  • Increased furnace throughput
  • Increased furnace conveyor belt and muffle life

For more detail, or a consultation, contact a COMCO worldwide regional location or office.

Wire bobbin brake system for stable wire tension control

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