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About us

COMCO EUROPE s.r.o. was established in 2002 as a subsidiary of the COMCO HOLDINGS Inc., which is a share-holder company of COMCO CORPORATION in Japan.

We, COMCO EUROPE, focus on providing customized special machines and workstations for automotive industries and for other industries throughout Europe. We also work closely with all of the companies in our group worldwide.

Since our establishment, we, COMCO EUROPE, have expanded our business and today our qualified services, which are Solution, Development, Design and Manufacture for our customer’s success, have been proven by our customers worldwide. We also provide warranty and post-warranty servicing carried out by qualified field engineers. We develop, manufacture, and sell up-to-date processing machines born out of our unique ideas. We respond to customers’ needs through total engineering, e.g., integrated systems of multiple processing machines.

Our basic designing concept is “Always standing at the customer’s side” and “A perfect combination of man and machine”.

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