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Based on the specified requirements of domestic and foreign customers, we also design, process and deliver workplaces, machines, lines and fixtures that are not included as standard in the main product offer list of our company.


Here are some selected examples of our realized deliveries:

Workplace for O-ring integration

Equipment for leakage and flow testing of venting valves of the car fuel system

Vacuum Car Radiator Leak Testing Equipment

Device for helium detecting – sensor tightness tester

Assembly and test line

Robotic assembly of automotive radiators

Automatic integration of the protective grid

Equipment for applying the solder paste and wire winding process of the water cooler prior to the soldering process

Devices for dividing cores of domestic air-conditioning exchangers

Cutting Machine

Device for sides plates cutting of automotive radiators

Grinding of sliding bushings

Core bender for residential air conditioner

Dimensional control workplace with changeover plate

Control plates, fixtures and others

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