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Fin Mills

World best excellence in fin forming technology : FOS series Fin Machine

High efficiency heat transferring airway fins are the critical component of high performance heat exchangers. COMCO FOS Fin Mills produce highest precision formed fins with low, medium and highest speed FOS models. COMCO louver slitting forming rolls are unmatched for high precision airway fin forming and roll life.


Entry model : FOS-Mini for small volume production

  • Strip input speed : Max 100m/min
  • Cut off rate : Max 60cuts/min
  • Single uncoiler

Volume model : FOS-80-2L for mass production

  • Strip input speed : Max 200m/min
  • Cut off rate : Max 80cuts/min
  • Twin track fin forming capability

Standard model : FOS-100 for normal volume production

  • Strip input speed : Max 300m/min
  • Cut off rate : Max 100cuts/min

High speed model : FOS-150 for high volume production

  • Strip input speed : Max 400m/min
  • Cut off rate : Max 150cuts/min

Customized model : FOS turbulator for special design fins

  • Strip input speed & Cut off rate : to be discussed depending on fin design
  • Lanced-offset fin
  • Parallel louver fin
  • Non louvered inner fin
  • High speed roll forming of lanced-offset and parallel louver fins and turbulators
  • Capabilities and forming rates are dependent on product design criteria. Contact a COMCO location for consultation on specific designs and applications.

Optional Feature Units and Systems for FOS Fin Mills

  • Flat Top Fin Forming Rolls and Units
  • Integrated Thermal Degreasing Stations
  • Air-oil Mist Capturing and Lubricant Recovery
  • Inline Fin Measurement
  • Fin Traying and Collection
  • Custom engineered units and features for special applications

Best quality corrugated fins available here (flat top fin for evaporator)

COMCO Corrugated Fin Forming Rolls

COMCO Long Life Fin Rolls are made with unique design technology, roll material treaments and manufacturing processes for superior forming precision and wear life.

Comco original fin forming roll design brings longest louver cut length and stable louver angle

Turbulator fin forming roll (lanced-offset fin,parallel louver fin, bump fin available)

Inner fin (turbulator) for laminated evaporator

Inner fin (turbulator) for CAC (Charged Air Cooler)

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